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Rs. 1B raised to build AI Dental Healthcare platform by Pakistani overseas

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Artificial Intelligence is here and there’s no running from the fact that the future will be AI dominated. On similar lines, one Pakistani girl from MIT has achieved the unthinkable, a massive funding for her AI dental healthcare program.Wardah Inam, CEO Overjet, has raised $7.85 million for her dental focused AI-tech, which accumulates to more than Rs. 1 billion. Wardah, who is a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science, raised these funds from Crosslink Capital, a firm that only invests in MIT startups.To be a graduate of MIT is an achievement in itself, but to get such huge funding for the betterment of the world, is definitely a bigger one. Wardah Inam says that Overjet’s core technology will help determine what sort of treatment is needed. Speaking to TechCrunch, Wardah stated that: “while most medical imaging AI services are focused on finding out if there is anything wrong (the startup executive gave an example of tumor detection) with someone, Overjet can “go one step further,” helping to not only note that there is a problem (tooth decay, to select a hypothetical) but the extent of the issue itself. This ability to “analyze clinical data at scale” and “determine what treatments are necessary,”, the project attracts both dental and insurance companies.”

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